Snee Joins NHL Network Radio
College Hockey Inc. Executive Director talks hockey in SiriusXM studio visit.

Mike Snee is entering his seventh season leading College Hockey Inc.

A visit to Toronto for a Wednesday night event gave College Hockey Inc. Executive Director Mike Snee an opportunity to visit the studios of NHL Network Radio for an appearance on “Hockey Today” with co-hosts Nick Alberga and Jake Hahn.

NHL Network Radio | On Twitter

Snee sat down with Alberga and Hahn for two segments that covered a variety of topics, including:

  • Wednesday’s event and College Hockey Inc.’s message to young players considering the college route
  • The growing impact of NCAA hockey at the NHL level, both among players and coaches
  • The top teams and players heading into the 2018-19 NCAA season.

The segments covered nearly 30 minutes and are available in full below. NHL Network Radio is channel 91 on SiriusXM and available online via SiriusXM’s streaming service.