Recruiting Tips in a Dead Period
Despite restrictions due to the pandemic, recruiting continues.

College coaches may not meet in person with prospective student-athletes during the NCAA’s dead period.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted virtually every aspect of daily life, and NCAA recruiting is no different.

The NCAA has instituted a dead period in recruiting that extends through Aug. 31, at least. During that time, NCAA coaches are prohibited from scouting games in person or visiting with recruits, either on or off campus.

NCAA Recruiting | FAQ

With those unique circumstances, College Hockey Inc. gathered three NCAA coaches to discuss recruiting in the current environment. Derek Schooley (Robert Morris), Ben Guite (Maine) and Leon Hayward (Colorado College) share their perspectives and offer advice to prospective student-athletes in the Zoom call included below.

As hockey begins to restart across parts of North America, Schooley, Guite and Hayward touch on:

  • What can and can’t happen during an NCAA dead period
  • How prospective student-athletes should communicate with coaches
  • How their scouting methods change during the pandemic
  • What to expect as August 1 approaches, a key date in the recruiting calendar

Check out the video below for all that and more. If you have any other questions about recruiting during the dead period, please contact College Hockey Inc.