24/7 Shows Spread to College Hockey

Merrimack Hockey All-Access took viewers inside team meetings at Lawson Arena.

The New York Times recently explored the growing phenomenon of all-access TV and web broadcasts across college hockey in an article written by College Hockey, Inc.'s Nate Ewell:

Like many successful endeavors in the pro ranks — from the two-referee system to the left-wing lock — the ripple effect of “24/7” is now being felt in amateur hockey.

At least a dozen of the 58 Division I men’s hockey programs, including several that will begin play in the N.C.A.A. tournament this weekend, have featured some sort of all-access broadcast this season. Some have been produced in-house, like North Dakota’s weekly Web feature “Through These Doors,” while others have welcomed outsiders into their locker room, like Miami University’s “College Hockey Confidential” on CBS Sports Network.

In each case, for college programs, these initiatives are about more than attracting new fans — they also serve as a recruiting tool.

“We want to give a prospective student-athlete an idea of what the day-to-day is like, especially for recruits who haven’t seen the campus,” said Merrimack Coach Mark Dennehy, whose team took part in “Merrimack All-Access,” which had its debut in early March. “We’re salespeople, and a big part of sales is differentiating ourselves from the competition. Giving recruits a behind-the-scenes look helps you do that.”

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