Stick Salute to Our Fans

As we thank fans for their support, we ponder the origins of the stick salute.

As the college hockey season enters its most exciting time, what more appropriate way to honor our fans than with a stick salute?

We'll be sharing images like the one above via social media using the hashtag #sticksalute over the next few days as thanks to the 4 million fans who have attended college hockey games this season. Follow @collegehockey to see all the photos.

Meanwhile, we want to do a little crowdsourcing. The origins of the stick salute are unknown, with some crediting college hockey and others teams in Europe. 

As NHL teams - notably the New York Rangers - have adopted the gesture, we're asking for help in identifying the origins of the stick salute. Do you know - or have a theory - when, where or how the stick salute originated? Share it on twitter and use the hashtag #sticksalute.

We'll share any findings, as well as more great photos like this one saluting college hockey fans.

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