Feedback for College Hockey, Inc.

Some of the feedback College Hockey, Inc. has received from parents and players following CCM College Hockey Summits and other informational sessions (names not included to protect privacy):

"I want to thank you again for including S. in this event. I can honestly say that in all the years our children have played sports, this is the best and most informative event we have ever attended. You and the NCAA scouts succeeded in delivering a very important message to our son with far more impact than we have been able to. We feel very fortunate to have been part of this. " - T.L., Vancouver

"This session answered many questions that we had regarding the Div 1 NCAA Hockey path. It was awesome to hear 'the other path' available to our boys. The information was extremely informative and timely." - K.K., Edmonton

"My son was very inspired from the presentation and he told me in the dressing room all the boys were talking about preferring NCAA to going to the DUB - even kids who we know have had their sights set on the draft and WHL for a long time." - D.L., Calgary

"I am taking your advice and have already started to contact some of these coaches. I would never have known to do this if it were not for the information you and the coaches provided. Thank you again and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I might have the opportunity to play for one of these great coaches some day." - J.S., Massachusetts

"You put on a great show. It really opened my son’s eyes to an alternative to the WHL. As you are aware, our kids are bombarded by WHL exposure and it is hard for them to think long term or to consider the 'what if' scenarios. Fantastic marketing for the NCAA!" - D.G., Edmonton

"I wanted to thank you.  I’m sure it is a big effort for your organization to hold those sessions across the country but I wanted you to know that for our family it was very helpful and we appreciated it and are following up on your advice.  We have also appreciated the follow up email and access to advice via email." - D.B, British Columbia

"Your group had a positive impact on my son and his friends. He has been searching information on U.S. colleges and Universities ever since!" - A.A., Edmonton

"I wanted to thank you for the seminar and let you know it had a profound affect on R. I didn't think he was ever going to get any real desire and drive to do well in hockey until this last couple of months as WHL teams started calling. We welcomed their inquiries and interest in him and it really sparked his enthusiasm to the point he had stated he wants to play in the WHL.

"I am one of the few people up here that gets NCAA  hockey on TV so R. was already amazed by the quality of play. After last night he said he thinks college would be a better way to go . I have thought so all along and am delighted he is thinking this way." - M.R., Vancouver

"We really did appreciate the whole process, it was excellent. The day was well organized, and very informative for us. The boys and us really did learn greatly about the NCAA hockey history and future direction. We will be taking your advice and looking at some of the schools, our twins were very interested in possibly going this direction." - N.T., Edmonton

"I found the seminar to be very informative and my son has indicated to us that he would like to explore the possibility of pursuing the NCAA route. We will be having further discussions with his advisor and will be contacting a number of schools in the near future to have further discussions on their and to set up some visits." - S.K., Toronto

"P. and I are very thankful and honoured to be part of  a an evening that we both found to be exciting and full of information. As a parent I had many questions regarding the process and legalities involved in order to gain access to American schools. During your information session I had many of those questions answered by the many professional people that were there to assist all of us in getting the right information. I congratulate you in doing a exceptional job." - P.K., Toronto

"Just a quick note to say thanks for taking the time to put the event on last week. It was a great day for the boys but also the parents as well. My son, like many others, has dreams of playing in college one day so the event for him was fantastic. This was a great kick off to the fall season so thanks again for all the time and effort in getting the day together." - J.B., Massachusetts

"Your efforts positively impacted my son, in a way I would never have imagined." - V.S., New Jersey

"Your presentation to us was also excellent. It opened my eyes to the NCAA opportunity. Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. I hope to have more experiences to get scouted by USA Colleges and Universities." - C.W., Calgary

"I want to thank you for the invitation and the time and effort you put in for this event. My son came away from the Summit with more confidence and an increased desire to succeed in the sport of Hockey. It's people like you who make this the best sport in the world and I thank you." - B.H., New Jersey

"We were extremely impressed with content of your presentation and the words of wisdom provided by the College/University and Prep-school coaches. We intend to follow your advice and look forward to further discussion as we get further into the process." - B.D., Toronto

"My son attended the skate and had a great time as did we. We know he is still young (97 birth year) and look forward to attending more in the future. I just wanted to write and tell you we think you did an excellent job, the info was outstanding, and the staff very pleasant. " - B.R., Philadelphia

"My son, like many, is working to fulfill his dreams with Hockey. Post your presentation, I realized that the NCAA route would be a befitting and rewarding journey for him, in so many ways." - W.P., Toronto

"Both my sons took away so much from this hockey summit, thank you. It was very well run and just listening to the coaches was a great experience." - C.H., Toronto

"Just wanted to thank you for the event and your time over last weekend. We learned some new information but it also helped our son hear first hand from people in the game instead of just us, how important college is. He is commited to that route. " - L.S., New Jersey

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