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 Division I Men (All) 2019-2020 Statistics
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  Date Filters: Game Dates (Inclusive): Oct 5 (Sat) - Nov 16 (Sat)
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Goal Scoring Detail (Individual) GP TGP G G/GP 0A 1A 2A P1 P2 P3 OT PP SH ES HM RD NT WS LS TS LD TR EV GW LL GT EN EA DP PS AG FG FT LG LT 1+ 2+ 3+ 3+/GP 4+ 5+
1Justin Jallen BRN SOF6 66 1.000241410204420510213120000002301321.16700
Morgan Barron (NYR) COR JRF6 66 1.000063210204420600402110000002211411.16700
Elijiah Barriga AIC SOF6 85 0.830051400104140410320000000000200311.16700
Corey Andonovski PRN SOF6 64 0.670041210202040103013001000001111211.16700
Wyatt Ege OSU SRD9 103 0.330030210201030300201010000001100111.11100
Rhett Kingston WMU SOF9 123 0.330030210102030300300100000000001111.11100
Kevin Conley UNO JRF10 105 0.500053200203140410113120000001200311.10000
David Farrance (NSH) BU JRD11 119 0.820093420702450234342101000000124621.09100
Cameron Wright BGS JRF11 118 0.730171331206080800422320000000111511.09110
Aapeli Räsänen (EDM) BC JRF11 115 0.450052210302050410212120000002211311.09100
Tommy Parrottino MTU SOF11 114 0.360130220103130310211110010000012211.09100
Alec Broetzman MTU SOF11 114 0.360133001211040400301110000000011211.09100
Cole Hults (LOS) PSU JRD11 114 0.360132110211400400301110000001100211.09100
Griffin Loughran NMU SOF12 129 0.750362160306450810324340200001133711.08300
Greg Printz PRV JRF12 129 0.750271440108630513513000000001222521.08310
Matt Tugnutt SAC JRF12 126 0.500241140105510123132001010001234411.08300
Andrew Rinaldi RIT FRF12 125 0.420230140005401410131010000000000311.08300
Zach Tsekos CLK JRF12 123 0.250030120102300300012110000001111111.08300
191490 Players Tied With 0

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