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 Notre Dame 2018-2019 Team Statistics
  Game Filters: None (All Games Included)
  Date Filters: Game Dates (Inclusive): Oct 6 (Sat) - Feb 16 (Sat)
  Goal Filters: None (All Goals Included)
  Time Filters: None (All Goals Included)
  Player Filters: Defense Only

Scoring Statistics (Individual) GP G A PTS G/GP A/GP P/GP PPG PPA PPP SHG GWG HT + - +/- SOG SOG/GP G/SOG FW FL FO % BLK PEN PIM
1#27Bobby Nardella SRD30 72229 0.23 0.73 0.97113141002723+480 2.67.08800---44918
2#22Andrew Peeke (CLB) JRD30 21719 0.07 0.57 0.63211130002424E43 1.43.04700---70816
3#5Matt Hellickson (NJD) SOD30 31114 0.10 0.37 0.471340102820+848 1.60.06200---40714
4#6Tory Dello JRD30 2911 0.07 0.30 0.370220102915+1451 1.70.03900---681020
5#2Nate Clurman (COL) FRD29 022 0.00 0.07 0.070000001212E21 0.72.00000---1936
6#24Spencer Stastney (NSH) FRD30 011 0.00 0.03 0.03000000810-222 0.73.00000---2748
NR#4Nick Leivermann (COL) FRD18 112 0.06 0.06 0.1100000033E14 0.78.07100---1000
Notre Dame Team Totals 30 156378 0.50 2.10 2.60429331206553-279 9.30.05400---2784182

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