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100 with NCAA Ties Set for IIHF Women’s World Championship
Twenty-Nine Schools Have Representation on 10 Competing Countries

Former Northeastern star Kendall Coyne Schofield (Photo: USA Hockey).

The past, present and future of NCAA Division I women’s hockey will be on display at the 2024 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Championship, which gets underway Wednesday in Utica, New York.

Exactly 100 players with NCAA ties are expected to compete in the tournament, including 44 student-athletes who played college hockey during the 2023-24 season.

All 10 countries participating in the 2024 IIHF World Championship will have representation, topped by the United States (25), Canada (23), Czechia (11), Finland (10) and Sweden (10). Both the American and Canadian rosters are comprised entirely of current, former or committed NCAA players.

Twenty-nine different schools will be represented during the tournament. Wisconsin leads with 12 current, former or committed players, followed by Ohio State (10), Minnesota Duluth (nine), St. Cloud State (eight) and Clarkson (eight). Twenty-two schools will boast multiple players on tournament rosters.

The 2024 IIHF World Championship takes place April 3-14 at the Adirondack Bank Center and Utica University Nexus Center in Utica.

Below is a complete list of players with NCAA ties in the tournament. For more information, visit

USA (25)

Cayla Barnes (Boston College, 2017-23, Ohio State, 2023-24)
Hannah Bilka (Boston College, 2019-23, Ohio State, 2023-24)
Alex Carpenter (Boston College, 2011-16)
Kendall Coyne Schofield (Northeastern, 2011-16)
Britta Curl (Wisconsin, 2018-2024)
Joy Dunne (Ohio State, 2023-pres.)
Lacey Eden (Wisconsin, 2020-pres.)
Laila Edwards (Wisconsin, 2022-pres.)

Aerin Frankel (Northeastern, 2017-22)
Rory Guilday (Cornell, 2021-pres.)
Savannah Harmon (Clarkson, 2014-18)
Caroline Harvey (Wisconsin, 2022-pres.)
Taylor Heise (Minnesota, 2018-23)
Nicole Hensley (Lindenwood, 2012-16)
Tessa Janecke (Penn State, 2022-pres.)
Megan Keller (Boston College, 2014-19)
Hilary Knight (Wisconsin, 2007-12)
Sydney Morrow (Ohio State, 2022-23, Colgate, 23-pres.)
Abbey Murphy (Minnesota, 2020-pres.)

Kelly Pannek (Minnesota, 2014-19)
Gwyneth Phillips (Northeastern, 2019-24)
Hayley Scamurra (Northeastern, 2013-17)
Kirsten Simms (Wisconsin, 2022-pres.)
Grace Zumwinkle (Minnesota, 2017-23)
Haley Winn (Clarkson, 2021-pres.)

Canada (23)

Erin Ambrose (Clarkson, 2012-16)
Ashton Bell (Minnesota Duluth, 2017-23)
Jaime Bourbonnais (Cornell, 2016-20)
Kristen Campbell (North Dakota 2015-17, Wisconsin, 2017-20)
Emily Clark (Wisconsin, 2014-19)
Ann-Renée Desbiens (Wisconsin, 2013-17)
Renata Fast (Clarkson, 2012-16)
Sarah Fillier (Princeton, 2018-24)
Julia Gosling (St. Lawrence, 2019-pres.)
Nicole Gosling (Clarkson, 2020-pres.)

Brianne Jenner (Cornell, 2010-15)
Jocelyne Larocque (Minnesota Duluth, 2007-11)
Emma Maltais (Ohio State, 2017-23)
Emerance Maschmeyer (Harvard, 2012-16)
Sarah Nurse (Wisconsin, 2013-17)
Kristin O’Neill (Cornell, 2016-20)
Marie-Philip Poulin (Boston University, 2010-15)
Jamie Lee Rattray (Clarkson, 2010-14)
Danielle Serdachny (Colgate, 2019-24)
Ella Shelton (Clarkson, 2016-20)
Natalie Spooner (Ohio State, 2008-12)
Laura Stacey (Darmouth, 2012-16)
Blayre Turnbull (Wisconsin, 2011-15)

Czechia (11)

Klara Hymlarova (St. Cloud State, 2019-24)
Klara Jandusikova (Colby College, 2020-pres.)*
Denisa Krizova (Northeastern, 2014-18)
Dominika Laskova (Merrimack, 2018-22)
Katerina Mrazova (Minnesota Duluth, 2013-18)
Natalie Mylnkovaf (Vermont, 2020-pres.)
Michaela Pejzlova (Clarkson, 2016-20)
Adela Sapovalivova (Wisconsin, commit)
Blanka Skodova (Vermont, 2018-22 and Minnesota Duluth, 2022-23) Andrea Trnková (RPI, 2023-pres.)
Tereza Vanisova (Maine, 2016-20)

Finland (10)

Sanni Ahola (St. Cloud State, 2020-pres.)
Sini Karjalainen (Vermont, 2018-23)
Michelle Karvinen (North Dakota, 2011-14)
Nelli Laitinen (Minnesota, 2022-pres.)
Jenniina Nylund (St. Cloud State, 2018-23)
Krista Parkkonen (Vermont, 2022-pres.)
Eve Savander (Ohio State, 2018-22)
Sofianna Sundelin (St. Cloud State, 2023-pres.)
Susanna Tapani (North Dakota, 2013-14)
Siiri Yrjölä (St. Cloud State, commit)

Switzerland (7)

Andrea Brändli (Ohio State, 2018-22; Boston University, 2022-23)
Rahel Enzler (Maine, 2020-pres.)
Saskia Maurer (St. Thomas, 2021-pres.)

Alina Muller (Northeastern, 2018-23)
Lara Stalder (Minnesota Duluth, 2013-17)
Nicole Vallario (St. Thomas, 2021-pres.)
Laura Zimmermann (St. Cloud State, 2022-pres.)

China (1)

Grace Zhan (Dartmouth, commit)

Denmark (4)

Sofie Skott Dahl (Vermont, 2022-pres.)
Frederikke Foss (Maine, commit)
Sofia Skriver (Mercyhurts, 2023-pres.)
Emma-Sofie Nordstrom (St. Lawrence, 2022-pres.)

Germany (7)

Sandra Abstreiter (Providence, 2017-23)
Nina Christof (RPI, 2022-pres.)
Nina Jobst Smith (Minnesota Duluth, 2020-pres.)
Laura Kluge (St. Cloud State, 2017-21)
Svenja Voigt (St. Cloud State, 2022-pres.)
Lilli Welcke (Boston University, 2022-pres.)
Luisa Welcke (Boston University, 2022-pres.)

Japan (1)

Akane Hosoyamada (Syracuse, 2010-15)

Sweden (10)

Paula Bergstrom (LIU, 2019-23, Minnesota Duluth, 2023-pres.)
Josefin Bouveng (Minnesota, 2022-pres.)
Sara Hjalmarsson (Providence, 2019-23)
Tindra Holm (LIU, 2021-pres.)
Thea Johansson (Mercyhurst, 2022-pres.)
Mira Jungåker (Ohio State, commit)
Ida Karlsson (Minnesota Duluth, 2023-pres.)
Sofie Lundin (Ohio State, 2022-2023)
Emma Söderberg (Minnesota Duluth, 2018-23)
Hilda Svensson (Ohio State, commit)